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Rove Premier Cartridges. we are taking genetics to the next level with Rove Premier. We carefully select exotic strains from across the globe and create exclusive limited runs that come in our holographic boxes. Our focus on quality doesn’t stop there; we grow the best seeds, clones, and mothers in the industry, allowing us to extract the freshest terpenes at harvest for a truly fresh experience. Thanks to our dedication, you can enjoy tomorrow’s cannabis today.

Solventless Ice Rosin

A pure and fresh cannabis experience with our Solventless Ice Rosin. Made directly from the plant to the consumer, our Ice Hash Live Rosin is derived from freshly frozen plants. Using only ice and water, this process ensures the purest form of rosin available. It is a full spectrum process that expertly preserves the natural cannabinoids and terpenes, giving you an all-natural and authentic full flower experience. This process is completely solventless, and we never add anything to our rosin, ensuring the cleanest product for our customers.

Live Resin

Through a meticulous process of harvesting and freezing, we manage to capture the mono terpenes at their peak, thereby ensuring a brighter taste and high that will delight even the most discerning cannabis connoisseur.

Cured Rosin

Freshly extracted from cured flower, these 85%+ THC, full spectrum cartridges are the perfect choice for those seeking a more potent and intense vaping experience, allowing them to truly elevate their senses and delve into the world of ultimate relaxation and euphoria.