Clementine Rove Cured Resin Cart | 500MG


Net Weight : 0.5 Gram

THC Content : 84.52%

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Premier Rove Carts takes pride in offering the highly sought-after hybrid cannabis strain, Clementine, which is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Tangie. This strain is known for its deep green buds that are colorful and frosty, filled with hues of deep purple and sprinkled with golden pistils. Clementine Rove Premier Cured Resin is actually a well-balanced hybrid with a THC content ranging in the mid to high 20’s.

With its striking citrusy scent, Clementine is a hybrid strain that boasts impressive cannabinoid and terpene amounts. Its THC levels range from mid to high 20’s and it is a fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts and medical consumers alike. Users say that it is a great wake-and-bake strain that increases both mood and energy while also helping to relax the body.

Clementine is popular for its excellent wake-and-bake qualities that increase both mood and energy, with its sativa effects taking hold. Meanwhile, its indica characteristics work to relax tense muscles in the body due to stress. Unlike some hybrids that are known for creating a spacy or heady high, Clementine enhances focus and awareness. Additionally, some medical consumers have indicated that they use Clementine to help manage symptoms of ADD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

Rove Cured Resin Clementine Strain Review

When you open your package of beautiful Clementine buds, the scent is what will strike you next. Its terpene profile has a high level of terpinolene, creating a citrusy scent very similar to limonene. The aroma is reminiscent of sweet and tart lemonade that will make your mouth water.

Cannabinoid Content:

  • THC: 24-27%
  • CBD: 0.19%
  • CBN: 0.27%
  • THC-A: 30.53%
  • THCV: <0.1%
  • Δ8-THC: 0.01%
  • CBDV: <0.1%
  • CBD-A: 0.06%
  • CBC: 0.03%
  • CBG: <0.01%
  • CBG-A: 1.42%

Terpene Content:

  • Terpinolene: 0.98%
  • Beta-caryophyllene: 0.42%
  • Beta-myrcene: 0.12%
  • Alpha-humulene: 0.02%
  • Limonene: <0.01%
  • Linalool: <0.01%
  • Alpha-pinene: <0.01%

Premier Rove Carts is proud to offer Clementine Rove Carts, allowing you to experience the wonder of their signature hybrid cannabis strain. Be sure to also check outClementine Rove Carts, Mimosa Rove Cart, Citrus Kush Rove Cart, Cherry Gelato Rove Cured Resin, Burzt Rove Cured Resin, Chocolope Rove Cured Resin and Cosmic Mintz Rove Carts for a diverse selection of premium products.


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