Motorbreath Rove Live Resin Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 83.70%

Buy Motorbreath Rove Cartridge Online | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Premier Rove Carts are the new in thing for non-Metallica fans seeking a face-melting experience. They bring to mind Motorbreath Rove Cart live resin, the classic 1982 strain known to uplift moods and bring total body stone. The strain is a creation of the elusive Pisces Genetics, resulting from the crossing of two iconic strains – Chemdawg and SFV OG Kush. The hybrid strain boasts of super potency and bold flavor that’s not for the faint of heart.

Motorbreath’s THC levels are impressively consistent, registering at 28%. However, novice smokers should steer clear of this potent bud. The elongated nugs feature thin orange pistils with frosty, amber crystals. Motorbreath’s flavors are a blend of citrus, earth, diesel, garlic, and even meat, creating an exciting aroma reminiscent of a man cave.

Motorbreath induces a joyous, uplifting sensation that eventually transitions into a total body stone. The high level of sedation that follows is sure to keep users glued to the couch for a while, ushering in a deep sleep that relieves insomnia. This hybrid strain is a winner, having taken the 2015 and 2016 THC Championships awards in the Recreational Hybrid category.

Rove Cart Motorbreath Strain Review

Motorbreath seeds are rare to find, and experienced cultivators advise seeking their guidance. The growing period is roughly ten weeks, with tips and tricks for optimal growth remaining shrouded in mystery. The good news is that local dispensaries have Motorbreath readily available for purchase.

Motorbreath, like Metallica, has an acquired taste. The unique flavors act as a test of one’s dedication to fully enjoy the effects. Newer smokers are warned to steer clear of this bud, while experienced users seeking to put hair on their chest should give it a try. For an elevated experience, consider Tropical Chem Rove Cart and Cake 3G Disposable Vape.

Users rave about the strain, with many sharing their experiences on social media platforms. GrassRoots, from Altoona, PA, has a version that users found excellent for relaxing or sleeping. Another user shared their experience with Motorbreath #15, an indica-dominant hybrid containing 34.50% THC, boasting of citrus and diesel scents and happy relaxation effects. Yet another user praised the skunky fruity taste of the strain and its ability to relieve extreme pain and insomnia.


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