Lumpy Space Princess Rove Cured Resin Cart | 500MG


Net Weight : 0.5 Gram

THC Content : 85%

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When searching for a potent and enjoyable psychoactive strain, Lumpy Space Princess Rove Carts Cured Resin should definitely be considered. Originating from Solfire Gardens. This hybrid strain is a result of the combination of Pink Lemonade with Black Bananas. And is supplied by Western Cultured. One of the standout features of Lumpy Space Princess is its delightful fruity aroma. With notes of lemon-citrus and plums that are both pleasant and refreshing. The flavor is just as enjoyable, offering a sweet and fruity taste. Hence, that’s followed by a hint of peppery spice on the exhale.

Users of Lumpy Space Princess report feeling a strong but not overwhelming sense of euphoria that’s both comfortable and relaxing. The strain’s terpene profile is also worth mentioning. As it combines the energizing effects of Limonene with the sedative effects of Beta Myrcene. This makes Lumpy Space Princess an ideal strain for those looking to relieve physical stress and tension, particularly those who suffer from PTSD, anxiety, and muscle cramps or spasms.

Rove Carts Lumpy Space Princess Strain Review

As an Indica-dominant hybrid, Lumpy Space Princess is highly regarded for its ability to help users relax and unwind. The psychoactive euphoria it provides is stimulating enough to keep users awake and alert, while still experiencing the peaceful sensations this strain has to offer. For those interested in trying Lumpy Space Princess, Premier Rove Carts offers a convenient and easy-to-use cartridge option, alongside a vast selection of other cannabis strains. It’s important to note that Premier Rove Carts is a reputable and reliable source for cannabis products.

In addition to its delightful aroma and taste, Lumpy Space Princess has been noted for its stress-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain has approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa in its genetic makeup, making it a unique and desirable strain for cannabis enthusiasts. Alongside Lumpy Space Princess, Premier Rove Carts also offers Lychee Rove Cured Resin and kush mintz rove carts for those seeking different cannabis strains to explore.


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