Gush Mints Rove Cured Resin Cart | 500MG


Net Weight : 0.5 Gram

THC Content : 84%

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If you’re a cannabis enthusiast on the hunt for a strain that offers a tranquil experience, you should check out the Gush Mints Rove Carts Cured Resin. This hybrid strain is a recent creation by Purple City Genetics and has gained immense popularity among users due to its remarkable effects and exceptional flavor and aroma.

The primary goal of Purple City Genetics when developing Gush Mints was to create a strain that could deliver high yields of premium crops. This goal was achieved through a crossbreed of three distinct strains, namely Kush Mints, F1 Durb, and Gushers. Gush Mints is an Indica-dominant strain, with some buds containing over 30% THC and low cannabinoid content, 0.5% CBD and 1% CBG. The caryophyllene terpene dominates this strain, but limonene and linalool are also present.

The aroma and taste profile of Gush Mints is distinctive and impressive. Its spicy and peppery taste and smell result from the high caryophyllene levels, while limonene and linalool provide the strain with a floral and citrusy dimension. Gush Mints is a sight to behold, with its predominantly dark green conical flowers, white trichomes, and orange hairs with purple highlights.

Rove Carts Gush Mints Strain Effects

The effects of Gush Mints are worth mentioning as it has become a go-to for those seeking relaxation. The high THC levels offer a soothing and calming effect, making it ideal for managing anxiety, pain, and insomnia. It also induces a buzzy body high that improves mood and aids in pain management. However, Gush Mints can cause dizziness and sleepiness, and it’s best to avoid physical activities while using it. Also, stay hydrated as it can cause dry eyes and mouth.

If you plan on using Gush Mints, make sure to have some snacks on hand, as it can cause munchies. It’s also essential to use it in moderation and in a relaxed environment to fully enjoy its effects. Other strains available at our store include Jealousy Rove Cured Resin and Jealousy Runtz Rove Carts.

The cannabis industry is continually evolving, and strains like Gush Mints are bringing new flavors and experiences to the market. Its popularity is undoubtedly attributed to its calming effects, exceptional taste and aroma. The availability of Premier Rove Carts makes Gush Mints more accessible to users looking for convenience and efficiency. Try out Gush Mints today, and you won’t regret it!


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