Ectocooler Rove Live Resin Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 88%

Buy Ectocooler Rove Cartridge Online | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Ectocooler Rove Cart live resin is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that originated in the United States. In addition, its name was derived from a promotional Hi-C flavor released in the 80s to coincide with Ghostbusters TV shows and movies. Back then, if you were a kid, the name and color of the Hi-C flavor alone. Were enough to make you beg your parents to buy you a bottle of Ecto Cooler. Today, the same name and bag appeal of the Ecto Cooler strain make it a fan-favorite.

This mysterious strain was first created by the Seeds of Compassion. Thus, a US-based cannabis company, by crossing Gorilla Biscuit with California Orange. The result was a grape-shaped nugget that’s often neon or mint-colored and covered in a blanket of golden-amber trichomes. Also, the buds are also rich in orange hairs that’ll make your fur coat jealous. A whiff of its lemon and citrus aroma with hints of grass and diesel is enough to fall in love with the strain.

Premier Rove Carts are a great addition to the cannabis world, and they pair well with Ecto Cooler. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is an excellent choice for a full-body high, relief from physical aches and pains. Also, improving mood, boosting creativity, providing clarity and focus. And treating symptoms of chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, migraines, and lack of appetite.

Rove Cart Ectocooler Strain Review

The citrus and pine flavor of Ecto Cooler, accented by sharp diesel chemicals on the exhale, is an excellent choice for consumers with a mid-level THC tolerance. The average THC concentration of Ecto Cooler is 17%, making it relatively affordable in many dispensaries, which is excellent value for money. Need more options? Browse Bubble Burzt Rove Cured Resin, OG Kush Rove Diamonds, herbal mint rove disposable, Mint Tea Rove Disposable, Mochi Rove Diamonds, Waui Rove Cured Resin and Cake Carts.

  • Psychedelic Effects: Ecto Cooler lifts the psyche and elevates mood, providing a euphoric experience that can be uplifting and energizing.
  • Pain Relief: It offers relief from physical aches and pains, making it a suitable choice for therapeutic use.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Many users find that Ecto Cooler boosts creativity, clarity, and focus, which can aid in accomplishing tasks without feeling fatigued.

At mid 40’s, with a high tolerance, this connoisseur finds Ecto Cooler to be an excellent strain for a full-body high. The strain immediately lifts their mood and anxiety disappears, providing relief from physical aches and pains. Other consumers report that the strain is great for depression and euphoria, providing a high that keeps you positive and uplifted. Ecto Cooler is perfect for getting things done and staying focused.


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