Jealous Mints Rove Live Resin Cart: 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 81.47%

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1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

By breeding Jealousy with Kush Mints, cultivators created the Jealous Mints Rove Carts live resin, an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a rare and exotic lineage. Grow West in Maryland cultivates this strain exclusively, making it the only one of its kind. With a THC content of 18–22%, Jealousy Mintz is best suited for experienced cannabis consumers.

This deliciously purple strain has dense, resin-coated buds that burst with a fruity flavor. Its dominant terpene is myrcene, which contributes to its sedating and anti-inflammatory properties. The average price of Jealousy Mintz typically ranges from $10 to $15 per gram.

Jealousy Mintz has a motto of refresh, reset, and rejuvenate. This sweet strain offers bright and uplifting head effects, while every inch of your body releases tension.

Inhale the minty flavor with notes of lemon and earth, and you’ll feel as though you just left an aromatherapy massage. The feelings you get from Jealousy Mintz include euphoria, relaxation, and peacefulness. It has a flavor profile that consists of mint candy, citrus, and sweet notes. Jealousy Mintz is ideal for stress relief, binge-watching, and bubble baths.

Rove Carts Jealous Mints Strain Review

When it comes to medical marijuana, Jealousy Mintz is a go-to for patients dealing with stress, insomnia, and pain. The grape, citrus, and skunk flavors make it enjoyable for anyone seeking relief. If you’ve tried Jealousy Mintz, we want to hear about your experience. Don’t miss out on our Chem Brulee Rove Carts and Gen 1 Cake Disposable.

The Jealousy strain is one of the fastest-rising cannabis buds in the Canadian market. It has won several awards, making it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.

Jealousy weed strain is now a staple in online cannabis stores in Canada. Wondering how it makes you feel? This Jealousy strain review discusses the unique nug to help you decide whether it is a good choice when ordering weed online at our cannabis dispensary.

Don’t let the name fool you. Jealousy Mintz is an exquisite strain that offers a remarkable experience. With its unique flavor profile, effects, and terpenes, Jealousy Mintz is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a potent cannabis strain. Premier Rove Carts, known for their high-quality cannabis products, highly recommends trying Jealousy Mintz.

Appearance and Aroma (Flavor)


  • Densely dark green, popcorn-shaped buds
  • Vivid purple tones
  • Abundance of orange hairs and crystal trichomes, giving it a brilliant and chilly look

Aroma – flavor:

  • Sweet scent with earthy undertones
  • Predominant notes of fresh citrus and vanilla
  • Sweet and lemony flavor with a sour and hot aftertaste


Jealousy is a highly strong strain that, while being indica-dominant, has uplifting effects and may boost creativity and energy. You will feel an intense cerebral high, feelings of euphoria, and a slight relaxation of your muscles after smoking this strain.
These sentiments will last throughout the day, and they can stimulate creativity and broaden your imagination.

The extraordinarily high THC levels, combined with the euphoric effects can alleviate pain, tension, and sadness. Jealousy is the ideal combination of energizing and calming properties, making it suitable for every situation.

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How to consume the Jealousy strain

Choose your consumption approach carefully if you want a fun Jealousy experience. While edibles usually last longer, vaporizing acts more quickly. You also have to verify the THC level of the Jealousy product you use. Remember that cartridges could be four times more powerful than the dried jealousy strain’s flowers.

The high Jealousy THC level calls for rather low advised dosages. Those new to cannabis or with a lowered tolerance could wish to start with about 2.5 milligrammes of inhaled cannabis. This corresponds to a three-second inhalation from a low-temperature vaporizer.

Is the Jealousy strain an indica or a sativa?

Many describe Jealousy as having a 60% indica and 40% sativa ratio. It’s mostly a balanced hybrid, but it slants somewhat indica. Particularly at strong dosages, this cannabis can be somewhat sedative.


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