Daniel Ocean Rove Live Resin Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 73.81%

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If the name of this particular strain of cannabis sounds familiar, it may be due to its clever moniker, which was derived from the lead character in the popular movie Ocean’s 11. The breeder behind Daniel Ocean Rove Carts live resin, named this indica-dominant powerhouse after the suave and cunning thief portrayed by George Clooney in the film.

In keeping with the character’s personality, the implication is that this strain is also smooth, potent, and impressive. In terms of its scent, Daniel Ocean OG is musky and rich, with notes of cloves, hops, and a touch of citrus. When smoked or vaped, the strain delivers a funky citronella flavor with hints of cloves and a peppery aftertaste.

  • THC Content and Effects: Daniel Ocean OG boasts a high THC content, yet users commonly describe its psychoactive effects as smooth and relaxing rather than overpowering. This makes it suitable for individuals prone to anxiety or paranoia.
  • Benefits: The main benefit reported by users is a blissful and sedative body buzz. Many users experience relief from chronic pain, stress, and tension when using Daniel Ocean OG.
  • Medical Applications: Medical users, particularly those dealing with insomnia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, may find Daniel Ocean OG beneficial. It is known to promote deeper and more restful sleep, according to user reports.

Rove Carts Daniel Ocean Strain Review

Lab data reveals that Daniel Ocean OG contains a range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC, THC-A, Beta Caryophyllene, Beta Myrcene, and Limonene. Consider pairing this with Ocean City Rove Carts, Mendo Breath Rove Carts, Wedding Cake Rove Featured Farms Carts, OG Kush Rove Carts, Strawberry lemonade rove carts, Raspberry Parfait Rove Carts and Trainwreck Jetty Cartridge.

Overall, Daniel Ocean OG is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a potent but not overwhelming strain of cannabis. As one of the leading producers of top-shelf cannabis products, Premier Rove Carts has earned a reputation for quality and innovation.

  • Smooth and Potent: Daniel Ocean OG offers a smooth and potent cannabis experience, making it highly enjoyable for users.
  • Medical Benefits: Ideal for medical users seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, and insomnia, Daniel Ocean OG is praised for its therapeutic effects.
  • Recreational Use: It’s also a great choice for recreational users looking to unwind after a long day, providing relaxation and tranquility.
  • Trust in Quality: Produced by Premier Rove Carts, known for high-quality cannabis products, Daniel Ocean OG ensures a premium experience that meets expectations.


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