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Buy Rove Ice Rosin Prerolls | 1G Rove Ice Rosin Infused Packs

Buy Rove Ice Rosin Prerolls. Expertly rolled with high quality flower and infused with solventless Ice Rosin, these flavor-packed, 30%+ potency joints burn slow and even for your enjoyment. Cannabis rosin is a solventless concentrate made through a simple process of heat and pressure. This method preserves the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids, resulting in a pure and potent product.

In addition, Rove Ice Rosin, the world’s first triple-infused preroll. Made with premium-grade flower fully-infused with THCA diamonds and solventless ice hash rosin then they’re expertly rolled. Super smooth and ultra potent, Rove Ice Rosin test up to 40% THC. Welcome to the next evolution of prerolls.

Rove Ice Rosin Infused Pre Rolls For Sale

Rove means to wander, and was envisioned in 2016 to encourage enthusiasts to enjoy cannabis while searching for new experiences. Headquartered in California, Rove is a multi-state cannabis manufacturer operating in California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri and Massachusetts. Cherry Pie Rove Ice Rosin and Banana Cream Rove Cartridge.

All Rove products are crafted by an in-house product development team and designed to provide the best quality, best tasting and safest cannabis experience. Also, Rove is the first cannabis manufacturer to implement a QR code-scanning mobile app to ensure authenticity and provide information on cannabinoid and terpene content, as well as ensure any given product is free from pesticides and foreign material.

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