Ghost Train Haze Rove Live Resin Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 94.32%

Buy Ghost Train Haze Rove Cartridge Online | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Premier Rove Carts has gained notoriety for its exceptional strains, with Ghost Train Haze standing out as an award-winning sativa-dominant hybrid. It took home first place in the 2014 High Times Sativa Cannabis Cup and second place in the 2013 High Times Medical Sativa Cannabis Cup. The strain boasts a potent lemony pine and spice aroma that can fill a room and translates into its taste. Its buds are dense, mint green and covered in crystal-capped trichomes.

Rare Dankness first cultivated Ghost Train Haze. Which resulted from the crossbreeding of the hybrid Ghost OG and sativa Nevil’s Wreck. With an average THC content of 18% and a maximum of 25%. Hence, the strain has been known to eliminate pain and stimulate appetite. While inducing a euphoric mindset that can energize users. However, its cerebral fogginess may make it more suitable for afternoon consumption when users can avoid sleepiness.

Ghost Train Haze can take anywhere from nine to 11 weeks to flower, a characteristic that growers should consider. Additionally, the strain has a complex chemical profile, with lab data revealing a THC-A content of 24.4%, CBD and CBN content of less than 0.1%, and terpenes such as Terpinolene, Alpha Humulene, and Beta Caryophyllene.

Rove Carts Ghost Train Haze Strain Review

Ghost Train Haze comes from the crossbreeding of several strains, including Ghost OG, OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, Chemdawg, and Nepalese. Its aroma and flavor profile also reflect this diversity, with its scent being lemony pine and spice-like, while its flavor carries over lemon and pine notes with a touch of sweetness and floral undertones.

Ghost Train Haze Rove Carts live resin is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a potent punch, with an award-winning reputation and a complex chemical profile. It may not be suitable for novice growers, but its aroma and taste make it an enticing option for those seeking an energizing and euphoric high. With Premier Rove Carts at the helm, Ghost Train Haze remains one of the most sought-after strains in the market. For a harmonious addition Royal Gorilla Rove Carts and Citrus Skunk Raw Garden.


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