GG#5 x Wedding Mints Rove Live Resin Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 96.81%

Buy GG#5 x Wedding Mints Rove Cartridge Online | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

GG#5 x Wedding Mints Rove Carts live resin is expected to yield high returns for legal growers with a flowering time of 58-63 days. The cannabis seeds are a new hybrid strain bred by Joesy Whales and the GG Strains breeding team. The combination of these three elite strains proved irresistible to Joesy Whales and the team. Hence, resulting in a potent hybrid strain that is sure to please discerning connoisseurs.

Premier Rove Carts introduces a cutting-edge approach to genetics. With their carefully curated selection of exotic strains from all corners of the world. Hence, offering limited strains that are exclusively available in their holographic boxes. Also, the company’s commitment to quality extends to the extraction of the freshest terpenes at harvest. Therefore, delivering the cannabis of tomorrow, today.

The brainchild of GG Strains and genetics founder, Joesy Whales, GG Wedding Mints is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. That boasts earthy, piney, and gassy flavors and aromas. With THC levels ranging from 25% to 28%. Hence, it is one of the strongest strains of the year and is definitely not recommended for novice users. This hybrid strain is expected to be popular with fans of the original glue genetics. Thus, as it is a selected cross of GG4 IBL x Kush Mints x Wedding Cake F2. More so, all of which are elite strains in their own right.

Rove Carts GG#5 x Wedding Mints Strain Review

Premier Rove Carts proudly presents GG Wedding Mints, a medium-to-high yielding hybrid strain that delivers an intense experience for those seeking high THC levels and robust flavors and aromas. The genetics of GG4 IBL x Kush Mints x Wedding Cake F2 result in an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts earthy, piney, and gassy flavors and aromas, and regularly tests between 25%-28% THC.

GG Wedding Mints is a powerful hybrid strain that will satisfy the cravings of the most discerning cannabis connoisseurs. Legal growers will appreciate the medium-to-high yield and short flowering time, while those seeking an intense experience will be impressed by the high THC levels and robust flavors and aromas. Premier Rove Carts is proud to offer this cutting-edge strain to their customers, and the exclusive holographic box is the perfect way to experience GG Wedding Mints. Discover more in our Pineapple Express Rove Carts and Crop Duster Himalaya Cartridge.


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