Rainbow Belts Rove Ice Rosin Cart: 1G Solventless


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 82.91%

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Premier Rove Carts presents Rainbow Belts, an alluring hybrid strain celebrated for its dynamic appearance, pleasant scent, and harmonious effects. This article provides an in-depth exploration of Rainbow Belts, delving into its genetic lineage, aroma, flavor, and effects. In terms of its lineage, Rainbow Belts is the result of crossbreeding Zkittlez and Moonbow, two highly sought-after strains with fruity and potent qualities.

The hybridization process resulted in Rainbow Belts inheriting the best characteristics from both parent strains, resulting in a well-balanced and enjoyable experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The visual aspect of Rainbow Belts is captivating, with its buds displaying a variety of vivid colors ranging from purple, green, to orange. Additionally, the dense and resinous nuggets are adorning with fiery orange hairs and glistening trichomes.

Rove Carts Rainbow Belts Strain Review

The aroma and flavor of Rainbow Belts are equally appealing. Its scent exudes notes of sweet berries, citrus fruits, and tropical undertones.
The flavor is equally delightful, with fruity and sweet tastes accented by subtle earthy and candy notes.
Animal Face’s flavor is consistent with its dominant aromatic qualities. With a cloak of pine and gasoline playing the main role.

As for its effects, Rainbow Belts delivers a well-rounded experience that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Users often report feeling a sense of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation shortly after consuming the strain.
Its mood-enhancing and stress-relieving properties may help alleviate symptoms and promote a sense of well-being and tranquility.

Rainbow Belts Rove Carts Solventless Ice Rosin is a cherished strain among cannabis enthusiasts. Premier Rove Carts delivers a remarkable cannabis experience with its Rainbow Belts, making it a go-to choice for recreational and medicinal users alike. Perfect for pairing with Ghost Train Haze Rove Carts and Moonwalker OG Raw Garden.

What is Rainbow Belts strain?

Rainbow Belts is an evenly-balanced hybrid that is jam-packed with flavor and balanced effects.

Where does Rainbow Belts come from?

Rainbow Belts is cross of Original Z and Moonbow.

What do rainbow belts smell like?

Rainbow Belts smells of sharp citrus, diesel and spice.

What does the Rainbow Belts strain taste like?

Rainbow Belts tastes of sweet berries, tart citrus and spicy fuel.

What color does Rainbow Belts have?

Rainbow Belts strain has minty green buds with yellow undertones, golden trichomes and orange pistils.

What effects does Rainbow Belts have?

Rainbow Belts has a mental and physical buzz that is energizing to the mind and relaxing to the body.

Is Rainbow Belts an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Rainbow Belts is an evenly-balanced hybrid.

Strain Origin

  • Rainbow Belts: A balanced hybrid strain
  • Combines qualities of Original Z and Moonbow
  • Rich flavor profile and wide range of effects
  • Rare strain; grab it while you can


The high from Rainbow Belts isn’t as intense as the flavor. It brings a sense of relaxation rather than energy. You’ll feel an immediate burst of euphoria, making you feel giddy and uplifted. This high enhances your sociability, making it easier to engage in any conversation.

You’ll experience a delightful physical high that will leave you feeling completely relaxed, as a gentle wave of tingles envelops your body. Rainbow Belts are an ideal choice for addressing a range of conditions, including migraines, headaches, chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, and nausea or appetite loss. With its potent 24% THC content, it offers powerful relief.

Aromas & flavors

The scent of Rainbow Belts buds fills the room as soon as you open the bag.
You’ll notice a burst of natural fruits like strawberry, grapefruit, and blueberry, accompanied by a sharp chem funk that adds a pleasant twist to the aroma.

The flavors of fruits really shine through when smoking. Zkittlez has a hint of floral herb, but Rainbow Belts swaps that out for a more natural OG grassiness, creating a delightful blend of sweet and sour flavors. This strain is incredibly tasty and is perfect for enjoying in a dry herb vape or a bong. Enjoy the full flavors of a joint when they’re at their best.

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