Yeti Jam Rove Carts | 500MG Live Resin Cartridge


Net Weight : 0.5 Gram

THC Content : 80% THC


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Yeti Jam Rove Carts a hybrid with a slight sativa dominance, which has been recognized for its potential in relieving depression, headaches, and fatigue. This strain generates an invigorating buzz that uplifts consumers, prompting them to become more talkative, lighthearted, and even experiencing an increase in appetite. With this strain, it is easy to combat negative emotions and embrace positivity.

The aroma of Yeti Jam is strong and earthy, with sour undertones resembling lemon or fuel. It is accompanied by a unique combination of nutty and pine scents. In terms of taste, Yeti Jam produces a smooth smoke that offers a delectable blend of earthy and nutty flavors. As one swirls it in their mouth, the lemony sourness becomes apparent, while the exhale delivers a refreshing pine flavor with a hint of diesel tanginess.

Rove Carts Yeti Jam Strain Review

Yeti Jam strain takes a while to kick in, usually around 15 minutes after the first puff. Users must be cautious and use it in moderation to avoid being overwhelmed. Instead, pacing oneself will ensure a pleasant experience without feeling immobilized. Upon onset, it provides a stimulating head high that increases creativity by clearing the mind. This leaves room for more productive thoughts and groundbreaking ideas. The sense of motivation allows casual users to tackle simple passion projects or review documents with a fresh perspective.
Rove Live Resin Carts Yeti Jam strain also promotes an upbeat disposition and mental clarity, triggering happy memories. It’s perfect for social gatherings as it fosters conversation and brings about laughter for the slightest of reasons. After an hour or two, a gentle pressure flows throughout the body, soothing muscles, and releasing any tension. While intense, it does not immobilize users and allows them to perform light physical tasks before retiring for the night. People who bought this also enjoyed Citrus Kush Rove Cart and Gelatti Cake Cart She Hits Different.
Yeti Jam Rove Carts


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