Oreoz Rove vape Live Resin Cart: 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 87%

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1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Premier Rove Carts offers a delectable and potent hybrid strain called Oreoz. This strain crosses Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon, resulting in a mouthwatering blend that delivers intense effects. Oreoz Rove Cart live resin users describe experiencing a cerebral rush leading to euphoria, followed by a heavy body relaxation that can cause couch-lock in higher doses.
However, in moderation, Oreoz offers a blissful body stone without complete incapacitation. Hence, it is perfect for evening relaxation or creative pursuits.

Oreoz effectively alleviates anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and gastrointestinal disorders, offering a versatile solution for individuals with multiple conditions.

Moreover, Oreoz captivates with its intricate profile, merging earthy and gassy notes with a creamy, chocolate pudding-like undertone.

 Upon smoking or vaping, Oreoz reveals a creamy chocolate flavor that evolves into a sweet, earthy finish.

Oreoz is a powerful 50/50 hybrid strain that offers a delightful and complex profile, high THC levels, and potent effects. It is perfect for evening relaxation or creative endeavors and may help manage symptoms of anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and gastrointestinal disorders. Try it out for yourself and experience the wonders of Oreoz, only from Premier Rove Carts.

Rove Cart Oreoz Strain Review

Visually, Oreoz captivates with its dense, lumpy buds adorned in contrasting bright and dark greens, interspersed with deep amber hairs. Additionally, these buds are embellished with a thick layer of crystal trichomes that shimmer like droplets of sweet resin.

Beneath this trichome layer, shades of purple and green emerge, accompanied by amber pistils that enhance its allure. For optimal growth, cultivate Oreoz indoors, allowing for a flowering period of 65 days.

Moreover, Oreoz garners acclaim from users seeking a potent hybrid strain, delivering long-lasting Sativa and Indica effects with THC levels exceeding 30%. Typically, Oreoz boasts an average THC concentration of 25 to 30%, ideal for enthusiasts of high-THC strains.

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Curious about Oreoz’s lineage? It’s a hybrid strain born from crossing Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. These parent strains themselves emerged from a complex crossbreeding of GSC, OG Kush, Durban Poison, Starfighter, Lemon Alien Dawg, Cheesequake, Querkle, Cheese, White Widow, and diverse African and Indian strains.


  • Sweet, milk-dipped chocolate cookie taste
  • Crunchy-grooved texture reminiscent of a popular snack

THC Levels:

  • Can test as high as 33%
  • Literally mind-blowing


  • 70/30 indica-leaning strain
  • Cross between Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon

Effects and Uses:

  • Ideal for treating stress
  • Could become your secret weapon for stress relief


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