Grand Daddy Purp Rove Live Resin Cart: 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 88.78%

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1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Premier Rove Carts offers one of the most well-known ‘purple’ cannabis strains in the US with their Granddaddy Purple, also known as Grand Daddy Purp. Their mission was to create the ultimate indica hybrid, and they achieved this by merging two strains with fantastic genetics, Purple Urkle and Big Bud.

Granddaddy Purple beautifully inherits the best traits from its parents: Purple Urkle’s deep purple hue and Big Bud’s dense, overgrown buds. The dark purple buds, interwoven with bright orange hairs and frosted white trichomes, create an exceptionally photogenic strain.

Perfect for nighttime use, Granddaddy Purple initially impacts both mind and body but soon transitions into a soothing body buzz, characteristic of heavy indicas.

It delivers the classic indica couch-lock sensation and can induce body numbness, making it incredibly relaxing and ideal for unwinding at the end of the day.

Medical cannabis patients benefit from this strain, particularly for pain management, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. However, novice users should be careful, as this strain can pack a powerful punch.

Rove Carts Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review

This strain grows best indoors but can be grown outside as well. Flowering commences around 70–77 days when grown indoors, and growers can expect a harvest in early October when grown outdoors.

If the oversized buds start weighing down the plant, especially outdoors, provide support around the 60-day mark. Indoor yields can exceed 4 ounces per plant, while outdoor yields can surpass 3 pounds per plant. For best results, maintain temperatures in the 70s and humidity between 50% and 55%.

Grand Daddy Purp Rove Carts live resin is an exceptional strain with impressive genetics, dense overgrown buds, and a deep, dark purple hue.

This strain is perfect for those seeking a powerful and relaxing end to their day, as well as for managing pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

The strain grows well indoors and outdoors and provides a high yield, making it a great choice for growers. For a matching look Strawberry Float Rove Carts and Chocolate Diesel Raw Garden.

Is Grand Daddy purple, sativa, or indica?

The Granddaddy Purple strain, also called Granddaddy Purps, has a composition of 70% indica and 30% sativa, making it an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.

Strain Effects

  • Cerebral euphoria and uplifting qualities
  • Deeply relaxing, aiding in combating insomnia and promoting restful sleep

Medical Benefits:

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Benefits those experiencing appetite loss or dealing with side effects of certain medical treatments

Genetics and THC Level

  • Genetics:
    • Indica-dominant strain
    • Crosses the classic Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains
  • Composition:
    • 70% indica and 30% sativa

  • THC Content:
    • Approximately 23%
    • Potent option for a powerful experience

Flavor Profile and Aroma

  • Flavor:
    • Sweet, fruity, and earthy notes
    • Distinct grape taste
  • Aroma:
    • Complex blend of rich berry, earthy, and slightly skunky scents
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