Banana Boss Rove Carts | 500mg


Net Weight : 0.5 Grams

THC Content : 69.75%


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Banana Boss Rove Carts a hybrid strain, boasts a terpene profile passed down from Haze, Blueberry, and “Purple” lines. With an exceptional fragrance of ripe banana, mango, and raspberry, it typically takes 65 to 70 days to flower. Moreover, we craft Banana Boss using freshly frozen flowers and extract it exclusively with ice and water to provide a pure ice hash pen experience.

Rove Carts Banana Boss Strain Review

According to users, this strain immediately delivers a cerebral rush that pulls one out of daily ennui. As the head rush recedes, a pulsating buzz sets in, washing over the body and providing a relaxing sensation that endures throughout the experience.


    • Descended from OG Kush genetics


    • Redolent with hints of lemon, floral scents, and pine


    • Citrusy with earthy undertones, noticeable on exhale


    • Leafy green buds
    • Covered in orange pistils and delicate trichome layer
This strain’s overall terpene profile tends to exhibit higher levels of pinene and limonene compared to others. Although THC levels may occasionally hit 26%, the average is generally in the low 20s.
Banana Boss Rove Carts


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