Rove Brand

About Us

Our Story

Rove was founded by a team of industry enthusiasts who possess a vast wealth of experience in the fields of cultivation, extraction, and laboratory science, with a vision to produce exceptional, authentic, and flavorsome cannabis products. The birth of Rove happened at the crossroads of art and science. Recognizing the need for long-term success in an underdeveloped cannabis industry, the Rove founders decided to prioritize self-sufficiency. As a result, Rove constructed their own manufacturing facilities, devised distinct packaging, established an entirely redundant supply chain, and formulated exclusive product recipes. This “do it yourself” approach has served Rove exceptionally well through various phases of rapid growth and changes in the industry.

Our Products

We prioritize premium quality, sourcing organically grown cannabis from trusted farms. Through careful extraction with CO2 or butane, we create high-quality live resin oil. Our low-temperature ceramic cartridges ensure an exceptional vaping experience.

Our Technology

We source natural cannabis from trusted farms, using a sub-critical CO2 process to extract high-quality oil. Refined with heat and pressure, our products offer a unique vaping experience in low-temp ceramic cartridges.

Our Mission

We strive to offer our clients an exceptional product that is not only delicious but also free of impurities and exceedingly powerful, all while being convenient and unobtrusive. Our central objective is to provide the finest Rove carts, rove pens, and rovebrand, making it simple for customers to order rove carts in bulk and online. We aim to mitigate the risks associated with purchasing substandard goods and to guarantee the highest possible quality.

Our Vision

Rove firmly upholds values of honesty, simplicity, and transparency, believing that customers deserve only the best quality products tailored to their preferences. Our brand continually strives to improve upon its offerings, promising great-tasting creations designed with the customer in mind. Welcome to the world of Rove, where excellence is always on the rise.