Blue Dream Rove Live Resin Vape Pen Cart | 1G


Net Weight : 1 Gram

THC Content : 87.56%

Buy Blue Dream Rove Cartridge Online | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin Vape Pen Cart

Premier Rove Carts proudly presents Blue Dream live resin, a slightly sativa-dominant strain that is a potent cross between the classic strains Blueberry and Haze. Its mysterious history has made it a dreamy choice for many, not only because of its exceptional flavor and cerebral high but because its origins have been wiped from the books.

Initially, Blue Dream made a name for itself in the medical community due to its potential for treating a variety of ailments. Its popularity eventually caught the attention of legendary breeder DJ Short, who worked hard to develop the version of Blue Dream that we know and love today.

The nugs of Blue Dream are long and bushy, light green with deep blue hues, amber and blue hairs, and an abundance of milky white trichomes. The delicious flavors of blueberry and sugar are long lasting and linger on the tongue even after the smoke has gone.

Rove Carts Blue Dream Strain Review

The CBD and CBN levels reach 2% and 1% respectively, making it a popular choice for treating a myriad of ailments. A perfect match for Blue Dream Rove Pods, Dream Rove Carts, Buy Dream Rove Carts, Dream Rove Disposable, Dream Rove Cured Resin, Northern Lights Rove Carts and Unicorn Cake Disposable.

  • Initial Effects: Blue Dream initiates with a cerebral rush, inducing motivation and heightened focus, making it ideal for those with busy schedules.
  • Progressive Effects: As the high progresses, users typically transition into an ultra-relaxed state, feeling hazy and completely calm.
  • THC Range: With an average THC content ranging from 17% to 24%, Blue Dream offers more than just aesthetic appeal and flavor.
  • Characterization: Despite its name suggesting otherwise, Blue Dream does not typically result in a lazy, couch-locked experience. Instead, it blends the best qualities of Blueberry and Haze strains to create a unique and balanced effect.

It inspires creativity, making it the perfect choice for artists looking to get through artist’s block. Alternatively, those looking for a mood boost can enjoy the relaxing vibes and watch their worries melt away. Premier Rove Carts is proud to offer this strain to cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.


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