Cruise Pink Lemonade Rove Drink Loud | 100mg THC Shot



  • 1.7 Fl.oz (50ml)

  • 100mg THC


Buy Pink Lemonade Rove Drink Loud | Rove 100mg Fast Acting Nano THC Shot

Pink Lemonade Drink Loud, Cruise on Loud! Set your brain to cruise control with Drink Loud, Cruise. A tasty tangy treat on a hot day (or really any day), our pink lemonade nano-emulsion drink is made for cruisin’ with your budz. Let the wave of Cruise infused with Rosin carry you through a seamless blend of flavor and potency, ensuring that the thrill lingers on, inviting you to savor the magic until the very last drop. So, why just drink when you can Drink Loud and Cruise IT!

You’ll Love this product. Mixes well in soda or tea. Great relief for pain! These drinks are amazing and hit so hard! The pink lemonade is a top flavor for sure! I even drink it straight because it tastes so good! You can use the lid as a measuring dose. It took a couple of lids to ease my pain. Very relaxing once it kicks in. Rove Edibles don’t even always work for me, and I’ve actually felt the effects from the drink Louds! Must me their rapid nanotechnology! Can’t beat the price for 100 mg either

Rove Loud Drinks Cruise Pink Lemonade Flavor Review

Tastey little shots. Great for mixing into a lemonade or just taking a small amount by itself. Quick high and great for travel!!don’t have to keep it refrigerated. It perfectly masks the taste of weed and delivers a potent impact. This is probably the favorite flavor from these shots. It covers the taste of weed perfectly and kicks in within 15 minutes. Your favorite flavor for sure! Tastes exactly like pink lemonade! no bitter after taste.

You’ll love mixing these in either lemonade or sprite, it’s sooooo good!! Also, you will love that it doesn’t leave an after taste in my mouth too. Perfect to toss in your purse before going out cuz it’s so small. The perfect way to elevate everyone’s favorite summer beverage! You’ll love tossing a capful of Pink Lemonade Drink Loud into just about any flavor of lemonade that I have to catch a tasty, discrete buzz. To further explore Cookies Rove Disposable and Backpack Boyz Strains.


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