Chill Kush Berry CBN Rove Drink Loud | 100mg THC Shot



  • 1.7 Fl.oz (50ml)

  • 100mg THC

  • 10mg CBN


Buy Kush Berry Rove Drink Loud | Rove Edible 100mg Fast Acting Nano THC Shot

Buy Kush Berry Drink Loud and Chill + CBN. Mellow out with Drink Loud, CHILL. Kush Berry gives this nano-drink a smooth, light flavor for easy sipping and even easier dosing. Our nano-emulsificed THC + CBN gives CHILL a consistency unlike any other on the market — so you don’t have to stress about shaking the bottle — you can just sip and CHILL. You can mix it with your favorite morning drink to keep you energized and experience an active high.

You will love these drink shots, you would think they are syrup thick but it’s not you can take it straight or mix it with your favorite beverage. Really great taste and the high on this one is super relaxing. Consumer would just want to chill and watch a good movie . Had me definitely feeling euphoric! In addition, this is perfect for helping my insomnia. The berry flavor is really tasty and it knocked me out immediately

Rove Loud Drinks Chill Kush Berry Flavor Review

Definitely the drink Loud flavor to choose to relax or set you off into the perfect sleep. It has a sweet berry flavor and you are able to del the effects pretty quickly! You will be BERRY sleepy! This Drink Loud flavor is a tasty sleep aid, thanks to the 10mg of CBN in the bottle. The perfect nightcap! THC + CBN is such a powerful combination! The flavor is great and it can be mixed in with literally anything! Loved adding this loud drink to my morning smoothie, added a delicious taste and had me feeling right.
A couple capfuls of this babd boy and I sleep like a baby! Love that Rove understands the importance of reliable hardware! Thank you! The task on this potion is amazing. not only is it super tasty but it smacks. Had me KO for sure an indica drink. taste so good drinking all 100 MG happens as soon as I open it. This thing smacks ! Hit very fast and taste great mixed in with some black tea. Do not underestimate this little guy it HITS! Perfect for mock cocktails. Taste so good. Perfect body high.
Also delicious on its own, it has slight CBN as well helping with rest. Perfect for when your need unwind and get some sleep. The perfect balance of cbn and thc. The flavor is truly tasty, and it has been incredibly helpful in addressing my sleep issues, allowing for a more solid rest. Delicious berry flavor kicks in with its effects quite rapidly. This product is perfect for managing my insomnia. The berry flavor is delicious, and the resulting high is incredibly relaxing.

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