Spark Cucumber Haze Rove Drink Loud | 100mg THC Shot



  • 1.7 Fl.oz (50ml)

  • 100mg THC

  • 10mg CBN


Buy Cucumber Haze Rove Drink Loud | Rove Edible 100mg Fast Acting Nano THC Shot

Cucumber Haze Drink Loud and spark it up. SPARK hits hard. With 100mg of our very own nano-emulsification this drink is no joke. The crisp, clean flavor of Cucumber Haze tastes great straight from the bottle or over ice and gives a nice, steady high that lasts all night long. Who wouldn’t want to refresh while enjoying its effects a little longer? Not just a drinkable, this little guy is so versatile, ive made mocktails, infused gummies, infused pico de Gallo!

If you’re in the market for a refreshing shot or maybe to add to the full mojito, this little baby packs a heavy punch while being small in size. Tastes just like sweet cucumber water. This little thing packs a punch and tastes terrific ! Nice smooth texture and does not have a syrupy finish at all. Mixed this drink with my club soda and had a great time . Do not underestimate this tiny bottle this stuff is strong so dose carefully and enjoy.

Rove Loud Drinks Spark Cucumber Haze Flavor Review

Toss that same capful in a booze-less mojito, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mocktail with which to unwind. It tastes so smooth and delicious by itself. If you are looking for a tasty drink to float out into cloud 9. This is it right here! The cucumber flavor is a yummy & refreshing taste, and you can’t even taste the cannabis! Be ready to lay back and enjoy the high. TBH the best infused drink. So easy to take 100mg. I don’t feel edibles just will KO but this makes you feel so relaxed.
You don’t need no chaser or mix it in with anything. Have you tasted all flavors of drink loud and cucumber haze? They are definitely one of your favorites! I’m not normally a fan of cucumber flavored things, but the taste isn’t overpowering, it’s really light, refreshing and sweet. Also no bitter aftertaste like other edible drinks! Drinking the whole shot will definitely leave you knocked out on the couch! The cap also makes for easy dosage measuring! Can’t beat the rapid onset either!
The Rove Drink edibles help because when I have them I take less pain pills. My personal experiences are that these people that work there know me, know what I like and they always try to find it at a different store for me if they don’t have the item in stock. They are ALL so kind, but professional also. I love this store mainly because of the people that work there. Our Pink Lemonade Drink Loud and Bubba Z Jetty Cartridge might interest you.


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