Dream (Hybrid) Rove Disposable Weed Pens | 350mg


Quantity : 0.35 Gram

THC content : 91.8%


Buy Dream Rove Disposable Vape | 0.35G Rove All In One Cannabis Vaporizer

Dream Rove Disposable, a Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough cross is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. It balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. With a sweet strawberry aroma, it delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. The high THC content will awaken your senses and may relieve symptoms of pain, depression, and nausea. 350mg of pure joy in each disposable vape.

Rove’s Dream Disposable cartridge offers a well-balanced high that features both full-body relaxation and an invigorating cerebral euphoria. With each pull, you can expect to taste sweet notes of diesel and strawberry that linger on your tongue long after the vapor is gone.

AlphaPinene: 7.68mg/g | BetaCaryophyllene: 5.47mg/g | BetaMyrcene: 16.86mg/g | BetaPinene: 3.85mg/g | Camphene: 0.17mg/g | CaryophylleneOxide: 0.51mg/g | CBC: 0.63% | CBD: 0.28% | CBG: 2.78% | CBN: 0.44% | Humulene: 0.17mg/g | THC: 88.97% | THC9: 88.92% | THCA: 0.06% | THCV: 0.48% | TotalCannabinoids: 93.58% | TotalTerpenes: 37.94mg/g

Rove Disposable Vape Pen Dream Weed Review

This is my favorite disposal pen on the market. It’s one of the few that won’t go dead (you can charge it) and let’s you get very last drop of use. The Strawberry Cough blend is also fantastic! I’m not sleepy, but relaxed and it calms my anxiety enough to be more productive and focus. Love it!

I found this to be a good every day strain. Whether hiking and meditating in the desert and wanting to clear my mind, or working at my desk and needing a bit of concentration, this one worked for me!

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