Sour Jack (Sativa) Rove Disposable Weed Pens | 350mg


Quantity : 0.35 Gram

THC content : 95.05%


Buy Sour Jack Rove Disposable Vape | 0.35G Rove All In One Cannabis Vaporizer

Sour Jack Rove Disposable Vaporizer contains concentrated cannabis oil that is heated by an attached battery and inhaled. Also, These products comes charged and ready to go, and are not designed to be reused, refilled, or recharged. More so, these products are often very potent and are designed to be consumed in 2-3 second puffs.

After combining the two sativa-dominant strains, we are left with an amazing combination of tropical. Hence, sweet flavors that mix with pungent tones of citrus and diesel. In addition, the uplifting effects can provide a spark of energy and minimize body fatigue. Sour Jack is a great strain to fight off depression and to help you stay active. It has developed a solid reputation and is highlighted by an intense aroma and profound cerebral effects.

Sour Jack is a relatively rare strain. We’ve actually only seen it available once in the last year. Then again, we weren’t really looking for it. Just know it’s not as prevalent as you may think having such desirable genetics. Either way, Sour Jack definitely topped our charts for one of the best smelling Sativa strains we’ve reviewed in awhile. All that coupled with an unmatched, powerful haze-like effect that we find outstanding to start the day.

Rove Disposable Vape Bar Sour Jack Strain Review

Users report feeling energetic with this high potency product. Created by crossing Sour Apple with Jack Herer, Sour Jack produces a somewhat energizing effect, along with relaxation and happiness. With underlying tones of sweet apples, this sativa dominant will make your taste buds tingle and is potent to the core. Sour Jack’s story begins in Amsterdam where Karma Genetics pollinated a Sour Diesel IBL with pollen from a Jack Herer male to form this sour-tasting strain.

  • Sour
  • Apple
  • Earthy
Effects & flavors are reported by users on our site. This is for informational purposes only and not intended as medical advice. Please consult your physician before changing any medical treatment. Good for family occasions, when you have to pay attention and talk when you don’t really want to. The product kept good flavor the whole time. It leaves you with a good clean feeling after use. I wish they were a little cheaper but you’re paying for quality, and this product is everything you’d expect/desire in a quality cart. Consider adding Strawnana Rove Disposable and Tyson 2.0 Carts.


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