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Ape Rove Cart is a highly potent indica cannabis strain, which derives its name from its unique color and flavor. Its dense buds resemble large blackberries or s that are a deep purple color when ready to harvest, and its taste and smell are similar to sweet berries with a skunky undertone.
This genetic lineage consists of Afghani indica, hybrid Skunk No. 1, and some believe that hybrid Mendocino Purps is also a part of the lineage. Reviewers have made note that it is a phenotype of the famous Grand Daddy Purple.
Upon consumption, Ape’s high causes the eyes to feel heavy and creates a strong body buzz that relaxes the muscles, and in many cases, leads to a couch-lock. It renders the consumer into a lazy stoop, making it an excellent strain for people looking to unwind after a long day. If you’re a fan of this  Burzt Rove Carts and 92 Hollywood Hills Rove Cartridge.
Ape Rove Cart

Rove Cart Vape Pen Ape Strain Review

The bushy and tree-shaped Ape nuggets have curly forest and olive-green leaves, and an abundance of patches of orange pistils. A coat of crystal trichomes covers the outside, giving the appearance of frost on a tree. This strain has a sweet and berry flavor with hints of skunk, and it emits a fruity and pungent aroma that will leave you wanting more.
Ape Rove Cart is an indica-dominant hybrid, approximately 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, which makes it an excellent strain for people who prefer relaxing and therapeutic effects. Its relaxing effect, relief from anxiety, stimulation of appetite, and relief from migraines were also noted by consumers.
In conclusion, Ape Rove Cart is an excellent strain that packs a punch with its high THC content and therapeutic effects. It is ideal for people looking to unwind after a long day, as it offers a strong body buzz that relaxes the muscles and clears the mind while relaxing. Its unique color and flavor make it stand out among other strains, and its potency and therapeutic benefits make it an excellent choice for those seeking to experience the benefits of cannabis.
Ape Rove Cart

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