Dos Si Dos Rove Featured Farms Cartridge | 1G Vape (Hybrid)


Quantity: 1 Gram

THC: 88.67%

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Do-Si-Dos Rove Featured Farms Carts is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a pungent, sweet, and earthy aroma along with a slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that will melt you into your couch after a long hard day. It’s kind of sweet and minty but with a very strong earthy and kushy touch to it. The effect of Do-Si-Dos is at first a fast-acting uplifting rush of euphoric energy that quickly fades into a happy introspection.

A warming body buzz washes over you, while your mind enters meditative and contemplative states. The Do Si Dos strain is brilliant for experienced tokers with a high tolerance, as it has THC levels close to 30% and super relaxing effects. With vibrant blue and purple nugs and a sweet aroma, it’s an irresistible but rare strain. Keep reading to learn more about the Do Si Dos strain, including its lineage, compositions, what other stoners think, and more!

Featured Farms Rove Cartridge Dos Si Dos Flavor

The Do Si Dos strain is relatively new on the scene, so you may or may not have heard of it. The strain is the child of Face Off OG and Girl Scout Cookies. GSC is an iconic and widely loved Indica-dominant hybrid. And Face Off OG is a hazy Indica ideal for lazy Sundays and nighttime smoking. These two lovely strains birthed a stellar Indica: Do Si Dos. People also refer to this strain as Dosi or Si.

Technically, Do Si Dos is a hybrid, but it leans so heavily toward Indicas that most people call it an Indica. The exact makeup changes depending on the environment it’s grown in, but people estimate it’s typically a 70/30 Indica-dominant split. The THC content has a massive range but tends to be high, which is one of the reasons people love it. The lowest THC level it will have is 20%, and the highest is 30%, an enticing composition for those with a high THC tolerance! The CBG and CBD levels hover around 1%, which is neither low nor high. Enhance your choice with these varieties Pink Lemonade Featured Farms and Peach Mango Cake Cart She Hits Different Vape.


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