Skywalker OG Rove Featured Farms Cartridge | 1G Vape (Hybrid)


Quantity: 1 Gram

THC: 79%

Buy Skywalker OG Rove Featured Farms Carts | 1G Rove Live Resin Vape Cartridge Review

Skywalker OG Rove Featured Farms Cartridge is a potent indica dominant strain. Hence, that will take you out of this world. In addition, this 85/15 blend hits hard and fast, leaving you feeling like your head is in the clouds. While your body experiences an almost tingling sense of relaxation. When you want to check out from reality, Skywalker OG should be your go-to strain.

  • Earthy
  • Chemical
  • Pungent

Skywalker Kush is the creation of the breeders at Reserva Privada, and was first grown in Southern California. The team dustes a female Skywalker OG, which is itself OG Kush crosses with Skywalker, with pollen from OG Kush, which boasts Chemdawg and Lemon Thai in its lineage. The resulting Skywalker Kush inherites an incredibly high THC concentration and distinctly sour hashish aroma that consumers covet.

Featured Farms Rove Cartridge Skywalker OG Flavor

Skywalker, an Indica dominant cross between Blueberry and Mazar, is ideal for those who suffer from mild pain, insomnia, stress or anxiety. Users of this potent strain are treating to an out of this world experience, punctuated by deep body highs and feelings of euphoria. Spread the earth beneath your feet and let the forces guide you. Rove’s products are made using 100% organically grown cannabis, sourced directly from trusted farms in their collective network.

Their premium C02 oil is passed through a completely solvent-less purification process, removing waxes, chlorophyll, and other unwanted plant materials. The golden finished product is then loaded into Rove’s low-temp, hassle-free ceramic core cartridge for a truly special vaping experience. This strain, which reportedly originated in California, is a cross of Skywalker from Dutch Passion Seeds and OG Kush from JoshD Farms. Fortify your choice with these picks Chocolate Diesel Featured Farms and penis envy magic mushrooms.


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