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Originating almost three decades ago in Florida, Kush Rove Cart has gained immense popularity under various names, including “Premium OG Kush” and “Kush”. Despite its widespread recognition, the meaning behind the term “OG” is still a matter of debate among cannabis enthusiasts. While some link it to “Original Gangster”, an even older strain, others offer different explanations.
OG Kush is an almost equal blend of 55% Sativa and 45% Indica, with THC levels that range from moderate to high. Its unique aroma and flavor profile come from a combination of terpenes, including hints of sour citrus, woody notes, and dank Kush flavors.
When it comes to effects, Kush Rove Cart produces a quick high that results in a feeling of sociability, chattiness, and an insatiable hunger. You will find yourself constantly snacking and seeking out others to converse with while remaining completely relaxed the whole time. As the most famous cannabis strain out there, OG Kush provides the stereotypical high that most people associate with marijuana.
Kush Rove Cart

Rove Cart Vape Pen Kush Strain Review

However, it is not a hardy plant when grown in regular soil and is prone to many diseases. Therefore, hydroponics is recommended when growing OG Kush indoors. Alternatively, non-soil growing mediums such as rockwool and clay pellets can also encourage healthy growth and help to prevent diseases.
As a result of its balanced composition and potency, OG Kush has earned a special place among the most sought-after strains. With a host of medical benefits ranging from stress and anxiety relief to pain and insomnia management, it’s no surprise that OG Kush is highly valued by cannabis consumers. Additionally, the strain has gained notoriety for its cerebral and euphoric effects that are both uplifting and relaxing.
Overall, OG Kush has earned its reputation as the most popular and widely used strain of medical marijuana. Its unique aroma, flavor profile, and well-balanced composition make it a go-to strain for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Try these related products that pair perfectly with your selection, OG Kush Rove Vape, Tangie Rove Cured Resin, Triangle Kush Rove Live Resin, Kush | Rove Black Box Line Carts and Triangle Kush Rove Ice Rosin Infused Pre-Roll.
Kush Rove Cart


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