Sunset Sherbet Rove Premier Live Resin Diamonds Extract | 1G


  • Quantity: 1 Gram
  • THC content: 82.4%

Buy Sunset Sherbet Rove Diamonds Extract | 1G Rove Premier Live Resin THC Concentrates

Sunset Sherbet Rove Diamonds a complex aroma colours with notes of skunky citrus, sherbet, bubblegum, berries, and even has notes of a forest-like freshness. With a rush of mental focus and energy. Also, Sunset Sherbet has been an ideal medicinal strain because of its high potency. Along with its ability to relieve symptoms associated with stress, tension, and mood disorders.

Sunset Sherbet Rove Live Resin Diamonds Extract, extracted from fresh frozen flowers. So, use a gradual separation process where the THC solidifies. Therefore, creating large faceted diamond-like crystals while also forming a liquid-like high terpene extract. The high potency diamond crystals are then reintroduced to a precise amount of high terpene extract, producing the perfect dabable product.

  • Exceptional quality
  • Extremely strong potency
  • Delicious flavor
  • Less pricey than other diamonds

Rove Premier Live Resin Diamonds Sunset Sherbet Review

This Indica-dominant hybrid is made with live resin from fresh frozen plants that are blazing with THC-A diamonds. With notes of fresh berries and earthy cannabis flower, this strain will lull you into a dreamy state of relaxation, perfect for late-night seshing! Once your dab rig is prepared, and your concentrate is loaded onto the dabber, you’re ready to begin. For a more comfortable experience, it’s advisable to be seated since the effects can be intense.

Also known as Sherbert or Sunset Sherbert, this strain is an Indica-leaning hybrid that crosses a female GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) with a Pink Panties male. Sherbert was accidentally produced in San Francisco Bay when Mr. Sherbinski introduced a male Pink Panties into a room of GSC he was growing at his grandmother’s house. Sherbet was the 3rd-place winner at the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup for best Coffeeshop Flower. Embellish your decision with these options Hulkberry Rove Diamonds and Bubble Gum Gelato Rove Carts.


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