Pineapple Express Rove Vape Pod | 1G (Hybrid)


  • Quantity: 1 Gram
  • THC Content: 95.4%

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Pineapple Express Rove Vape Pods produces long-lasting energetic effects that you can feel right away. Pineapple Express may make you feel buzzy, alert, and creative. The best time to smoke Pineapple Express is in the morning, afternoon, or early evening hours. People experience an uplifted, happy, and joyful mood after even a small amount. Many people mention feeling chatty, giggly, and lively. The small amount of Indica genetics does provide some helpful balance to the overall feel of the Pineapple Express strain.

Buckle up for a heady trip across the pacific. Pineapple Express provides a blast of energy, promotes focused awareness and increases that quintessentially-coastal feeling of creativity. Got a best friend (or maybe dealer) you wanna share with? This hybrid is a great group activity with the perfect amount of THC to make you feel buzzed, alert and ready for an adventure. A slightly tropical taste of pineapple gives this strain its sun-kissed sweetness.

  • Pineapple
  • Earthy
  • Piney

Rove Weed Disposable Pod Pineapple Express Flavor

According to actor and comedian Seth Rogen, the Pineapple Express cultivar didn’t exist until after the 2008 movie of the same name brought the name into the spotlight. Inspired by the film, growers took it upon themselves to create a potent cultivar that the film described as “the dopest dope.”

  • Tastes: Pineapple, Earthy, Piney
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
  • Effects/ Relief: Pain, Creative, Anxiety
  • Lineage: Trainwreck x Hawaiian

G13 Labs claims it originated the strain in the mid-2000s, selecting Trainwreck and Hawaiian as parent genetics, and the hybrid soon proliferated among California medical marijuana dispensaries. However, many growers and 11 seed banks each aimed to create the “true” Pineapple Express. As such, multiple variations exist in the current marketplace. With similar content Watermelon Burst Rove Pods and Strawberry Cloud Raw Garden.


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