Peaches & Cream Rove Premier Preroll Ice Packs | 2.5G (Hybrid)


  • THE PERFECT PREROLL : Ice Packs Rosin + Diamond + Ice Hash

  • Quantity: 2.5 Grams
  • THC: 52%



Buy Peaches & Cream Rove Ice Packs | 2.5G Rove Pre Roll Rosin Diamond Hash Infused Jars

Peaches & Cream Rove Ice Packs is here to give you the best of both worlds – an energizing boost for creative ideas and a calming effect for winding down. Our hybrid strain provides an all-natural high, with a sweet fruity taste, peachy aroma, and a heady euphoria that helps you stay in good spirits. Enjoy the perfect balance of relaxation and creativity with Peaches and Cream! Such a delicious strain! It’s not too overwhelming but has just enough flavor and not harsh either!

Good size on these preroll packs. Diamonds, Hash and rosin make a sweet taste and isn’t harsh on the burn. Peaches n cream a little on the sweeter side but a really good smoke. Its high is known to be quite heady, inducing creativity and focus – perfect for completing tasks when consumed properly. It quickly relieves aches and pains throughout the body, relaxing it as the mind remains unhindered. It can also induce bouts of the giggles and/or the munchies.

Rove Ice Packs Preroll Peaches & Cream Strain Review

The Peaches and Cream hybrid is a Skunk phenotype with a flavor that lives up to its name. Though floral and citrusy in aroma, Peaches and Cream has a sweet fruity taste underscored by a subtle spiciness. Its buds take on a soft pink-orange color during maturation with bright amber hairs bursting from pastel calyxes. Heady euphoria gives way to creativity and good moods, making this strain an excellent choice for focused tasks and unwinding after work.

For a sativa-dominant strain, Peaches and Cream has a surprisingly slow onset. Some five to 10 minutes after toking, consumers are struck by feelings of heaviness in the head. This sensation may be marked by an increased pulse around the temples and lower forehead and by slight stimulation of the salivary glands. Cognitive changes follow, with users immersed in a kind of fast-paced, freely-associative mindset. Augment your decision with these alternatives Skywalker OG Rove Pods and beach party raw garden disposable.


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