Maui Waui Rove Premier Preroll Ice Packs | 2.5G (Sativa)


  • THE PERFECT PREROLL : Ice Packs Rosin + Diamond + Ice Hash

  • Quantity: 2.5 Grams
  • THC: 53%



Buy Maui Waui Rove Ice Packs | 2.5G Rove Pre Roll Rosin Diamond Hash Infused Jars

Maui Waui Rove Ice Packs, unleash your inner beach bum! Get ready for an energizing, euphoric high that will take you to a paradise of fruity flavors and tropical vibes. Don’t worry about feeling too sedated or lethargic. Hence, this classic sativa strain gives you just the right amount of heady relaxation you need. Experience the relaxation and bliss of long summer days at the beach, anytime and anywhere with Maui Waui!

This is a little sweeter than the others but it taste delicious. The flavors are a lot more natural and you actually get to taste the flower and not to mention the hash on the outside for more potency. Rove Ice Packs, the world’s first triple-infused preroll. Made with premium-grade flower fully-infused with THCA diamonds and solventless ice hash rosin, they’re expertly rolled, then coated with more ice hash. Super smooth and ultra potent, Rove Ice Packs test at over 50% THC.

Rove Ice Packs Preroll Maui Waui Strain Review

Maui Wowie strain may relieve various medical symptoms, including chronic pain, fatigue, depression, and stress. Its uplifting and energizing effects can boost mood and improve focus, making it potentially useful for those with ADHD or anxiety. The feeling from smoking this strain is what one might expect from sativa: a mild and upbeat high that turns a bit racy when you keep smoking. In low doses, I would say this strain offers a great pick-me-up effect. Up your dose, and you’re going to get a more stimulating response.

The THC levels in Maui Wowie generally range between 20% and 28%, making it a highly potent strain. This high THC content contributes to the strain’s uplifting and euphoric effects, which are beloved by recreational users seeking a creative boost and a sense of well-being. Fortify your choice with these assortments Purple Trainwreck Featured Farms and Lambsbread Raw Garden.


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